"Chica" Series- Fine/Tapestry Weight Churro-Dusty Sky

"Chica" Series- Fine/Tapestry Weight Churro-Dusty Sky

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This yarn was just re-featured in Handwoven Magazine. Written by Kimberly Hamill five years ago! 

 100% Churro wool

Grown and spun in the USA

4 oz. Skein 

Approx. 400 yards per skein

Single-ply yarn

This yarn weaves up well at 10-12 epi for a weft-faced weaving.

Multiple strands can be "bundled" and woven at a time (in the same shot) for color gradation or if you prefer weaving a sett closer to 8 epi.

This is a great yarn for tapestry weaving. But, with some experience, this yarn can work as a warp and weft for a balanced weave. 

This yarn is also great for knitting, crochet, and colcha (embroidery).