About Taos Wools

Specializing in Churro and other yarns, Taos Wools will be offering limited batches of natural and hand dyed yarns.

Taos Wools is an independent new business.  I learned to dye when I worked for Weaving Southwest for several years.  Though I have the support of Teresa Loveless (owner of Weaving Southwest) on this new venture, I do want to make it clear that we are not associated with WS.  We are two separate businesses who support and promote each.

Churro wool yarn Taos Wools

My time dyeing for Weaving Southwest showed me how much of a special craft the art of dyeing is.  I am beyond excited to be able to return to doing what I grew to love.

For now, I will be creating limited batches of certain Churro wool and other wools that are available to me.  Ultimately,  I hope to build a line of consistently colored hand dyed yarns.

I, Joe Barry, will be doing all the twisting, dyeing, labeling, packaging, shipping and corresponding with customers.  My daughter, Elsada (9 years old now!), will be helping with some label making and learning to twist skeins! 

I am committed to timely delivery and fulfillment of your orders.  For now, I will be communicating through email.  If you have any specific questions that cannot be answered by email, please leave your phone number and I will contact you.

Thank you for considering our new small family business along with supporting local ranchers and sheep.  We hope to help sustain and promote threatened sheep flocks and ranches that have been hit hard by Covid-19.

All the Best,