October 1st and 2nd at the Stables Gallery in Taos.
Opening reception September 30th at 4pm. 
Taos Wools Presents: Taos Weavers
In collaboration with Frank Oatman, Jon Wood and Tom Dillehay there will be a presentation and sale of textiles from weavers of Taos and around the world. 
Taos Wools yarns will also be available for purchase along with Churro Fleeces/Roving from Connie Taylor and Handspun Churro Yarn from
Margaret Hermann.
We, as many others, are disappointed that the Wool Festival long held at this time in Taos moved this year to Sante Fe.  Our event is inspired by the great interest in weaving that for years brought so many from local regions and from far abroad to Taos, a tradition we hope to continue to nourish.    
The opening reception (with refreshments and appetizers) is 4 - 7 PM on Friday, Sept. 30th.  The show will be open the following two days:  Saturday, Oct. 1st from 10 to 6; and Sunday, Oct. 2nd from 11 to 5.  On Saturday 10:30-11:30 AM, Frank and Tom will speak on the cultural significance of the ethnic weavings to the traditional cultures represented, and Connie Taylor will speak on Churro Sheep and the characteristics of their fleeces so often used locally.