"Manta 2.0" Limited Series-Blanket Weight- Slate

"Manta 2.0" Limited Series-Blanket Weight- Slate

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*I have a limited supply of this yarn. It will only be available for a short time.*

Dyed over Natural White

100% US Wool

Grown and spun in the USA

4 oz. Skein 

Approx. 225 yards per skein

Single-ply yarn

This yarn weaves up well at 8 epi for a weft-faced weaving.

This is a great yarn for weaving tapestry, blankets, and fine rugs. It can also be used as a warp and weft in a balanced weave (for ponchos, for example).

This is a beautiful weaving yarn, but can also great for the right knitting or crocheting projects.