"Chica" Series- Fine/Tapestry Weight Churro- Brown-Black

"Chica" Series- Fine/Tapestry Weight Churro- Brown-Black

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This yarn was just re-featured in Handwoven Magazine. Written by Kimberly Hamill five years ago! 

 100% Churro wool

Dyed over Natural Dark Grey. 

This natural color is much coarser than the Natural White and the Natural Light Grey.  It has some great texture to it!

Grown and spun in the USA

4 oz. Skein 

Approx. 400 yards per skein

Single-ply yarn

This yarn weaves up well at 10-12 epi for a weft-faced weaving.

Multiple strands can be "bundled" and woven at a time (in the same shot) for color gradation or if you prefer weaving a sett closer to 8 epi.

This is a great yarn for tapestry weaving. But, with some experience, this yarn can work as a warp and weft for a balanced weave. 

This yarn is also great for knitting, crochet, and colcha (embroidery).